A Complete Guide To Gym Wear For Fashion Conscious Men

Fitness and fashion nowadays spend time together among boys. Today, men are consciously trying to stay in shape without compromising their style coefficient. On or off, everyone loves "sports entertainment". In such a way, the fitness-inspired outfit is one of the hottest trends out there right now.

Everyone wants to do their best, even during training. Some work really hard in the gym while others are there to socialize. You can also check mens gym clothes online via us.centricwear.com/pages/men.

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Whether you fall into the first or second category, we recommend a comprehensive guide on what to wear to the gym and what not to look stylish.

Shirt: The number one thing you can wear to the gym is a crew-neck t-shirt that fits. Please don't wear tight t-shirts as they look very worn and unattractive. 

Wear a t-shirt that fits your body shape to keep you looking neat and chic even at the gym. You can see for yourself what a t-shirt fits and what doesn't.

Sweatpants: Invest in nice slim pants (remember we didn't say they match the skin). Pants should be cut in such a way that they are comfortable for you to exercise and not too long or loose.

Shorts: In summer, of course, you want to wear shorts to the gym that look good and keep you cool. Therefore, shorts should be at least knee-length, roomy, and not too tight. Please never wear your boxer shorts to the gym, leave them at home. 

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