Advantages Of Spiral Binding versus Perfect Binding

On one side, people who have perfect bindings are interested in discussing design and high-end finishing. It's pretty and it is easy to stack and how many books have you encountered with an enormous wire running across the spine?

However, the spiral or coil binding users aren't worried about this. They know that perfect binding is great for certain things. They've even had books at home. However, they're more attracted to things like cookbooks, technical guides reports, atlases, reports, and travel guides. They're perfect to spiral-bind. You can also click this site to buy Planner spiral coils for perfect binding.


"Imagine you're trying to get open a perfectly bound atlas and the only spot you'll need to locate is hidden within it," people who specialize in spiral or coil will explain. "Now If you have an atlas with a spiral or coil it is possible to open the book completely up without damage to the spine or losing any of the contents during binding."

The spiral and coil finish let you lay your book flat or open it in 360 degrees. Let's see if you can achieve this with a perfectly bound book.

Plastic spiral binding is the only method of binding that can be completed manually. We have machines that will make holes in your pages, then insert the coils of binding and allow you to insert the pages. You don't have to do this if you've got several thousand books to be bound it's better off outsourcing the book to a professional bindery when you have more than 500 books to bind. 

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