All About Remote Notary In Florida

A remote notary is a notary authorized by law, empowered to notarize on the web through digital instruments and live audio-video conversations.

All notaries, no matter how they perform the service, must-see someone sign the document. Historically, this required the notary and the signatory to travel to meet in person, with the notary acting as a witness during the signing.

In particular, the notary clarified that the signer's requirement to physically appear before a notary at the time of signing can be met through an audio-video conversation. This move allowed notaries to go online and create the concept of a remote notary. 

You can schedule now your appointment with an online notary agent.

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They specifically authorize their notaries to serve clients across the country. They also set stringent requirements for authentication, protection against forgery, and document retention, making remote notaries more secure and reliable than standard face-to-face notaries.

The name "remote notary" comes from the fact that notaries look after clients remotely over the Internet.

Because remote notaries do notary online, they have the benefit of digital tools to help them through the process. Under this law, individuals who do notarize remotely comply with much higher standards of identity verification. 

A notary is the first legal notary service that allows people to directly contact a notary remotely online. For the first time, you can contact a notary via a live video call, no matter where you are.

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