All About Solar Panels In Riverside CA

There has been a lot of discussion about solar panels being installed on rooftops for decades. It was only recently that solar panels were installed by very few homeowners. This is despite their extraordinary enthusiasm and concern for the environment. 

Although the cost of solar panels is high, they are still affordable. Most of the owners have installed solar panels in their houses and companies. You can also install affordable solar panels in Riverside CA through

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Commercial Solar Panels

A similar plan for solar panel installation can be used by businesses. Businesses can opt for a Power Purchase Agreement from solar companies instead of a lease. 

The panels are installed by the solar company without any upfront investment from the business. The panels can be mounted on the roof or, if space is available, in a ground-mounted array.

The fixed-rate paid by the business to the solar installer is for the amount of solar power it uses. This lowers the amount of electricity the business has to draw from the electric utility.

Solar Power's reliability

People often worry about the reliability of solar power generation once they have forgotten about the price of solar panels. What happens if it rains or at night? Many believed that solar panels would produce electricity and then store excess energy in batteries for later use.

The current business model is however different. Your home or business will remain connected to the electric grid of the utility company. You can draw electricity from the grid when your solar power is not sufficient. This is automatic and requires no effort from you.

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