All You Need To Know About Camera Hand Grips

The handgrip is a protrusion on the right-hand side of a camera that is ergonomically shaped to be comfortable when held in the hand. This is almost always the primary contact point between the photographer and their camera, so it is sized to make it large enough to grip and hold the weight of the camera.

It is essential to have camera handgrips for the safety purpose of your camera. There are many websites such as which provides high-quality hand grips for your camera.

As such, the size of a camera’s handgrip is highly dependent on the weight of the camera. Larger cameras tend to have larger handgrips to make them easier to hold. The primary purpose of camera handgrips is to improve ergonomics for more comfortable shooting. Some clip onto cameras, while others are more substantial, and attach using tripod mounting screws.

Small point-and-shoot cameras barely have a handgrip at all, in fact, sometimes it is no more than some textured rubber padding, whereas pro-sized DSLRs have huge handgrips that often house the camera’s battery and are covered in control dials and function switches. If you find that the handgrip on your camera is too small, you can usually buy a battery grip that both improves the ergonomics of the camera and increases the battery life.

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