Australian Car Hire Insurance

But the basic insurance is subject to an ‘excess’ meaning that you could have to pay dollars towards repair or theft costs, regardless of who is at fault. To make sure you don't have to pay through the nose, you need a car hire coverage in Australia.

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Car rental insurance can fall into one of three categories.

The first is this insurance, which can be included in the base price of the car rental. This can be a fairly comprehensive insurance package, covering things like Third Party Liability (damage or injury you may cause to others with the rental car) and CDW (collision damage or damage you may inflict on yourself). 

The second category is the insurance component mentioned above, which the car rental company will try to sell you directly because it is not included in the base rental price.

Finally, there is a third category that includes various forms of supplemental insurance that increase coverage and fill gaps that may exist in standard liability insurance and CDW insurance sold by car companies for hire.

It is generally accepted that car rental insurance sold by car rental companies is often many times more expensive than similar insurance purchased directly from specialist insurance providers over the internet. 

This is usually because they rely on some rental customers who are unaware that alternative sources of insurance are available, and in fact, some customers mistakenly believe that they have a legal or commercial obligation to purchase insurance from the rental company.

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