Basic Rules To Play Ice Hockey

Ice hockey doesn't have a long list of rules and can be played with ease, regardless of age. Ice hockey is played on a table of smooth surface. There are tiny holes present in this table which blow out air so that the puck can slide from one area of the table to the next with ease. Whether you're purchasing an ice hockey gaming table of your own or wishing to play at an arcade, you should be aware of the basic rules for the game. 

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Below are some rules to play ice hockey:

  • How To Start The Game

Before the game begins, the referee must decide which player first. Similar to other sports, coins are thrown and any player who won the throw, got the opportunity to serve first. If the game is being played in the set, after each set, the player will switch the side. 

  • How To Play Air Hockey 

Each player is given a stick and the game is played with one puck on the table. Considering the center line on the table, both players have to strike the puck without crossing this line. What both players have to aim for is to strike the puck in such a way that they can make the goal. 

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