Beginners Guide To Car Suspension Types And Why They Matter

The car suspension not only supports the seat back comfortably but also ensures that your car can steer and brake constantly. In addition to the degree of suspension and control, a faulty suspension system is also the cause of the slip sound when rewinding and overspeeding. 

Simply put, the suspension system not only contributes to driving comfort but also contributes to road safety and vehicle stabilization. Due to all of these reasons, many manufactures suggest car owners have a car suspension service from reliable service centers such as on time so as to avoid major problems with their cars.

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Now that you have an idea of the importance of a suspension system, you should be prepared to read about the different types.

Dependent/semi-independent suspension system:

The dependent suspension system means there is a beam or axle that connects the left to right wheels so that they work together. This classification of suspension can be made with a combination of leaf springs and shock absorbers or coil springs. This simple structure makes it sturdy and inexpensive and allows manufacturers to place it in mass-market cars that require affordability and durability.

Independent suspension system:

Independent suspension can be used both front and rear, the former being common today to keep the front wheels on the ground and steer the car in the right direction. There are various variants of the independent suspension system. With the constant advancement of technology, the automotive industry already has several lists and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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