Do Your Operators Need Basic Boiler Training In Victoria?

At Boiler Training, we understand that training new boiler operators has become difficult. But now our two-day basic boiler training course is back.

For such traction purposes. B. Powering trains/locomotives for passenger transport, taxiways, etc., boilers are used with common fuels such as wood, but especially coal, which is found in large quantities throughout the world. It is a technical fact that basic boiler operation will remain an important industrial facility for a long time because of its enduring technical importance. You can easily avail the benefits of the best boiler certificate course online from various sources.

In the event of a COVID training delay, companies encourage you to register as soon as possible. Chairs can be moved quickly. If you have multiple training operators, you can use volume discounts. See our course schedule for more information. Then just click on the desired course and you can register and pay online. 

What is our basic boiler training course about?

BTG leads the boiler industry in terms of education. Our courses cover the basics of boiler operation and are suitable for beginners. However, the courses also cover topics that are useful even for experienced operators. Some of the topics we cover are:

Type of boiler currently in use:

  • how to light a cauldron
  • danger and prevention
  • control and security devices
  • action
  • boiler efficiency
  • true test
  • scheduled maintenance
  • case
  • Problem-solving.
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