Fire Extinguisher Servicing Is An Essential Fire Safety Measure

In addition to the regular maintenance of fire extinguishers, in accordance with the law, I suggest that you must also ensure that your extinguishers have been placed in the correct way they are. When you are servicing your equipment, you should ask the service technician what is the best way to mount the device to the wall.

The extinguisher must be fixed to the wall such that the handle for carrying is just one meter away from the ground. For appliances that are smaller, it is recommended to be approximately 1.5 meters away from the floor. 

A certified fire safety service technician is aware of these issues. You can also appoint experts for fire system inspection by browsing the web. 

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The extinguishers should be placed near the exit doors and in recesses with shallow spaces that are away from the extreme heat. Take these steps, and you'll be able to be safe in the location on your safety devices. A technician who is trained in fire safety will assist you to get the job done correctly.

What are the best practices to ensure the correct placement of equipment?

  • A fire extinguisher is 1.5 meters away from the floor to the handle that is used for carrying.
  • It must be secured to the wall or placed on a suitable stand to accommodate such appliances.
  • You can alter the height of your extinguishers to specific areas to make it easy for people with disabilities.
  • They should be placed near entrances or on exit routes, and in recesses that are shallow.
  • A device should not be stored near extreme temperatures.
  • Always carry out an annual fire extinguisher service at least once per year.
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