Hiring A Certified Electrician

Statistics from the government show that every year, 10 people are killed due to defective electrical wiring within their homes. A further 750 people have been seriously hurt. To avoid unnecessary death and injuries electricians must adhere to specific standards and adhere to safety laws. 

Landlords and homeowners are advised to engage an electrician rather than try to fix electrical problems yourself. This will avoid the injuries that happen annually and ensure that the homes across the country are safe from electrical hazards.

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A Guide to Finding a Reliable Residential Electrician - Always on Electric Inc

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The home is a danger of electrical faults. can also cause approximately 8,170 of 4,300 fires that happen at homes each year. The faults could be due to various reasons, including a shoddy DIY task, electricity older than 10-years-old, or having a partner or friend to attempt solving electrical issues instead of employing an electrician. 

In the UK, there exist two bodies that monitor the safety of electricians working for professional companies The Electricians Register and The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. 

They provide information data, statistics, and other information for electricians, homeowners, and construction firms to make every structure within the UK safe for electrical use. The electricians who are mentioned on their websites are able to offer you secure and reliable electrical are able to perform the work.

You can find an electrician who is reliable within your local area by searching on the Electrician Register website or the NICEIC website. They provide a list of electricians who are registered with them, in terms of their locations. 

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