How Is AFQT Scored In The ASVAB Exam?

The Armed Forces Professional Abilities Battery Test (ASVAB) is used by each branch of the military to determine recruits' skills in ten different areas. The ASVAB test helps in recruiting new employees in the professional field they may be suitable for, but the ASVAB should not be considered an IQ test. 

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Armed Forces Qualification Test Results (AFQT)

You will receive a report with all your results. The most important result is your AFQT score. These results will determine whether you have the right to serve in the army.

Exceptions to this restriction are made for approximately 1% of recruits who possess other outstanding characteristics and who have a minimum score of 25.

AFQT results by industry

Each service branch has its own minimum standards for ASVAB testing. Here are the minimum standards for each service branch.

Students who are enlisted in the US Armed Forces. While high school students are the most common participants, anyone who qualifies for the exam can take the exam.

ASVAB registration is carried out by conscripts. Find and contact recruiters through the Department of Defense Today Military website. If you consider yourself eligible, the recruiting officer will determine when you can pick up the ASVAB at the nearest military post or entry point.

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