How Reusable Tote Bags Will Advertise Your Business

Do you offer shopping bags as a food retailer? Are you contributing to the litter problem in America? Plastic or polyethylene shopping bags have become very popular in the United States over the past twenty years. Plastic shopping bags require less energy and produce less solid waste than paper bags.

However, they are petroleum-based and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Plastic shopping bags are often used by customers to carry lunch and pick up animal waste. However, their final disposal can be a problem in landfills and as litter on our roads. Plastic bags with your company name on them are not great advertising!

Let go of the paper vs. plastic debate and do what is right for the environment. You will be able to successfully implement a recyclable retail bags system in your business.

  • Reduce the amount of disposable bags and help the environment
  • Promote your business positively and make sales
  • To maintain your business, foster customer loyalty, and goodwill.

Reduce disposable bag usage

Reduced disposable bag use will reduce litter and save retailers money. It will take some time to get customers to use reusable bags. Many consumers don't realize the environmental impact of plastic bags. Plastic bag use is a part of our shopping culture. Marketing is key to implementing a reusable bag program in your retail store. Your reusable bags should be prominently displayed near cash registers. A brochure should be created explaining the discount program.

Advertise your business

Your customized tote bag is not only a benefit for the environment but also public advertising for your company. A reusable tote bag with your company name is a great promotional tool that can be used in a space-efficient way. Repeated, consistent marketing imagery can increase sales. Your customers will use your tote bag not only in your store but also while shopping at other businesses or visiting other communities. 

Encourage customer loyalty and goodwill

Repeat customers are the ultimate goal for any business. While repeat customers are satisfied customers, they might not be loyal ones. Loyal customers are people who put your business first and make special trips to your local market to talk about your business's products and atmosphere. They also encourage their friends to shop at your store. Recent research shows that customers are more loyal to businesses that support their local community and sponsor local events. Companies that have loyal customers are more likely to stay in business.


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