How to Create a Whiteboard Video

Whether it's a whiteboard or other type of animation, there are certain steps that must be followed in the video creation process.

Start with scripts

Whether it's a whiteboard animated or regular live video, each story must start with the script. You can gel help from a professional whiteboard animation agency  to make an engaging whiteboard video for your business. 

There are a number of great articles that provide advice on how to make awesome video scripts, but usually, each script will follow these steps:

Outline a problem

For instance, John needs a new bike but doesn’t know where to find it.

Offer a solution.

“After hours of searching offline stores, John goes online to find the best bike seller in his town. This is how he stumbles upon Marvelous Bikes. The bike was delivered next morning; it had two wheels, handlebar, and pedals-everything one can dream of. John is heads over heels with his new bike!”

Place a call to action.

“If you are just as tired of looking for your perfect bike as John are, go to to find your perfect match”.


Choose the software to produce your whiteboard animation. If you are just starting creating your animations, go with something easy to use like Animatron. There is an option to drag and drop pre-animated characters on canvas, add effects and music, and you’re done. For a more sophisticated approach, you might want to check YouTube for tutorials and helpful guides.

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