Learn About Population Growth And Environmental Degradation

Uncontrolled growth in urban cities and industrialization, expansion and intensification or destruction of agricultural land, are all contributing to the degradation of the environment. Rapid growth in anthropoid population over time is one of the main causes of environmental degradation. 

human overpopulation

This adversely affects the environment and natural resources. With the increasing population and environmental degradation, sustained development must be achieved without causing environmental damage. 

Economists can be impeded or facilitated by the availability of natural resources. These three demographic factors, births, deaths, and migration, all contribute to changes in population size, composition, and distribution. 

Many areas are affected by water shortages, soil exhaustion and deforestation as well as air and water pollution. The impact on the environment could be catastrophic if the world population continues its growth. The changing trends in population growth and the consequent demand for food and energy have significantly altered land-use practices. 

This has also severely affected India’s forests vis-a-vis the environment. Because the population is growing, land expansion has been a major problem. This was because there was not enough food to go around. 

There has been a debate over who views population growth as the primary cause of increasing environmental pressure. Others blame economic development, non-sustainable agricultural and industrial practices, excessive and wasteful consumption. 

Although the relationship between population growth and population size is complicated, it tends to increase and accelerate the human impact on the environment. Even more concerning is the fact that future population growth will lead to a greater scarcity of resources.

It has been degraded by decades of economic expansion and rapid population growth. This paper examines how man interacts with the environment. With increasing population, poverty, and urbanization, the environment is becoming more degrading.

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