MMA Or Boxing: Which Is Better For Self-Defense?

UFC Fighter and world lightweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. have boasted that he can beat any MMA fighter in a regulation boxing match. This has served as fuel for a debate amongst boxers and MMA fighters regarding which fighting style is superior.

Both MMA and boxing are great skill-sets for any professional or trained fighter to have. They both condition the body to its optimal shape, and either can be applied to real-life self-defense situations. If you are looking for the best boxing or MMA equipment, then you can purchase it from – The Nr 1 Boxing, MMA & Muay Thai Store (Which is also called ‘ – Der Nr. 1 Shop fr Boxen, MMA & Muay Thai ’ in German).

With that being said, boxing is all a stand-up game, and boxers only train in hand-strikes and evasive maneuvers. Most real-life street fights are unlikely to end standing up.

MMA matches, meanwhile, typically start from a standing position until both combatants wrestle their way to the ground, where one submits the other. It’s worth noting that MMA fighters are trained in a variety of fighting disciplines applicable to fighting both standing up and on the ground.

In fact, many MMA fighters are also trained boxers. MMA fighters learn it all. To balance this, boxing is also much easier to learn because it’s more straightforward.

Training in MMA and Boxing

MMA and boxing are both fighting styles with colorful and interesting histories and millions of fans worldwide. While MMA is often more stigmatized by politicians and the medical community, boxing is in fact more likely to result in severe or fatal injury.

So what can you do to protect yourself while training in MMA or boxing? The same thing you do when you train in any martial art: wear the right equipment.

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