Multifunctional Maintenance Tips for the Fridge

Buying a new refrigerator is an important decision and requires a lot of thought before moving on. One of the first things to consider is size. Avoid choosing one that is bigger than what you actually need. Also, choose from the name labeled Energy Star. 

This refrigerator is designed to reduce pollution and energy consumption at the same time. For maintenance, do a general check on your refrigerator at least once or twice a month. Clean the door seal with a sponge or soft cloth and check for cracks. 

If you find that the seal is damaged, you may want to replace walk in cooler door seal. Be sure to defrost the refrigerator even if the ice in the freezer is almost an inch thick. Position the refrigerator so that the back and sides are 10 to 15 cm from the wall.  

How to Maintain a Refrigerator - Tips and Tricks

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The temperature should also be set between 37 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower the temperature, the more energy the device uses. It is recommended to keep the refrigerator full at all times. This is especially true for the freezer. 

However, it is recommended that you leave at least an inch of distance from the interior walls to allow room for airflow and cooling of food. Also, never leave the refrigerator door open when not in use, as this consumes a lot of energy.

You may not feel the effects overnight if you follow these tips, but in the long run you'll see how much more you've saved than if you didn't apply them. Last but not least, always remember that the longer you take care of your refrigerator, the more effective it will be not only to refrigerate food but also to cool your head from financial troubles.

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