Scoliosis Exercises – The Top Two Exercises To Relieve Scoliosis Back Pain

If you have scoliosis, you don't have to live with pain. Stretching the spinal muscles and their flexibility can be effective in reducing pain in adults with scoliosis. Exercise is also very important for children with scoliosis because it can ease the growth of the body.

The  best scoliosis exercise can help to reduce scoliosis painScoliosis has many causes. This can be the condition itself or just a symptom of another condition. It can be a birth defect, a genetic disorder, or the result of different limb lengths. 


How Effective Are Scoliosis Exercises?

Most adults with scoliosis are given advice pain medication to manage the pain they are causing. They are usually given an exercise program to follow. 

The purpose for this is that this exercise stretches the spinal muscles and keeps them flexible. It definitely helps to reduce pain in adult patients and can stop further damage to the spine.

Two Best Exercises For Scoliosis

Bend your back as much as possible and hold for 5 seconds. Then lower it as far as possible for another 5 seconds. Repeat at least 3 times. This stretch is ideal for mobilizing the entire spine. And is one of the most effective exercises for scoliosis patients.

To stretch each side of the spine separately, reach with one hand as far as you can while reaching down with the other. Keep your knees.

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