Skylight Shades For Energy Savings

Skylights solve the problem of too much light coming out of your windows. Glass windows are great windows for your home because they mimic the sun by bringing in light from above. They allow you to see blue skies, clouds, and stars from the comfort of your home. However, sometimes the roof lets in too much light.

If you want to limit the amount of light falling through your windows, consider using skylight window blinds via Shadows let you experience light when you want, but you can block light or limit the amount of light that gets in. Instead of removing the dormer windows, install a skylight to solve the problem.

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Like ordinary awnings, the roof fits into the window frame and can be opened or closed. If you love light but want to reduce glare or UV rays, look for transparent shadows that can be closed over windows. This transparent roof tent will still let in light but it's not that strong and won't fade away carpets or furniture.

Many sunroofs also reflect radiant heat, meaning your home will stay cool in summer and warmer in winter. Shadows help maintain the internal temperature of the house and reduce energy costs.

Choose between manual and motorized shadows. The hand tent can be opened and closed, while the motorized version uses a control switch and is powered by a standard outlet. The motorized version is great if you have roof coverings that are difficult to access or if you have mobility problems. Most people will find that hand awning works well with standard ceiling lights as well.

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