Steel – Where Would We Be Without It

Steel is deeply rooted in our language. It’s an integral part of our lives. Is that a good thing? Yes! Steel should be called the best green energy resource today, despite what many might think. As every ounce of steel can easily be recycled. You can do the same with plastic. . ?. Or wood . ?. Or something else. (BTW, the steel industry has been recycling for around 150 years).

Today, we hear a lot about the decline in steel manufacturing. It’s not over, however. Steel is actually one of the most widely used materials in the world. A steel frame construction is used in every car today. Think about buildings, tools and ships, as well as machines and appliances. Steel will not be replaced anytime soon.

It’s a great thing, because there are so many fun ways to use it, including racing cars, boats and cookware. My favorite use is art. This is an interesting fact. If you frame a house with wood and one with steel, 40-50 trees will be used for the wood house. But, for the steel house, only six recycled car frames will be required.

Let’s get back to the introduction of steel into the human world. First, steel is not like gold. You don’t have to dig for it or find a piece. Not quite. This is a complex process that requires a large amount of iron, which is only available in some parts of the globe like Pennsylvania. I

t’s basically like adding carbon to the iron, heating it until it melts (as high at 1300o), and then cooling it quickly. This is the basic idea. But there are many more. Steel was made first approximately 4000 years ago. A piece of ironware found in Turkey dates back to that time. Amazing is the fact that humans had the technology to heat ore at such high temperatures back then.

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