The NordicTrackS27i May Give Peloton A Run For It’s Money

The new NordicTrack S27i was released this week silently on their website. It is a new and improved version of their S22i that TailHappyTV gave a TailHappy Score of 90 out of 100. NordicTrack also recently released an updated version of S22i this year. A major difference with the new NordicTrack S27i is that they have a 27” monitor. This is the largest monitor we have seen in the indoor bike cycling industry so far. As you probably know, the Peloton only has a 24” screen on their Bike+.

They have also upgraded the audio on their new NordicTrack S27i. The speakers are now forward-facing and they have also upped their audio to 30 watts. This is higher than the Peloton Bike+. The new s22i now has forward-facing speakers as well which is a great upgrade. If you plan to use headphones, the NordicTrack S27i  also has bluetooth connectivity available. Along with a larger screen, there is also an AutoBreeze fan on the NordicTrack bikes that will increase and decrease the fan automatically for you, depending on workout intensity. The screen tilts and pivots as well.

The pedals on the NordicTrack S27i now have SPD clips in available outside of the box. This is a great upgrade as before they only have standard cage toe pedals. You can also ride with standard tennis shoes, as the other side of the pedals on the S27i have toe cages as well. You can read a full assessment and an official NordicTrack S27i review on TailHappyTV.

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