Traditional Different Styles of Indian Dance

Many folk dances are specific to a particular region of the country. They are mostly performed only by local people. Indian film dances are also a prominent part of the country's culture.

These ancient dance forms are the basis of the Indian classical dances. Let's take a look at the most popular dances in the country. You can visit the website to know more details about Indian dance styles via

Bharatanatyam The Bharatanatyam, a dance that originated in India in 1000 BC is a South Indian tradition. It is mostly performed in Carnatic music. The dance was originally performed in Hindu temples or other religious locations.

Kathakali This is Kerala's most popular dance form, which is essentially a dance drama. Kathakali, a 17th-century dance form, is performed as a story-play. It features elaborate costumes and makeup as well as masks. 

Kathak This dance form is North Indian and its name, Kathak, comes from the Sanskrit word Katha which means "story". Kathak means "the one who tells a story". It consists mainly of childhood and passionate stories about Lord Krishna. 

Kuchipudi is an Andhra Pradesh dance form. Kuchipudi, like other classical Indian dances, has its roots. It was developed as a religious performing art. This dance was performed originally by Brahmin men.

Odissi This dance is from Odisha, a coastal state in Eastern India. Odissi, a traditional dance-drama performing art, is used by women to express religious and spiritual themes. 

Manipuri This dance form, as the name implies, is from North-Eastern India's Manipur. This dance style is based on the Raslila by Radha-Krishna and features love-inspiring dances. Manipuri is performed as a group. It has a unique costume, Kamil.

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