Ultimate Guide In Buying Loose Gemstones

There are loads of reasons why you will need to buy loose gems. One of the main reasons is your choice. When someone managed to find the gem that they truly adore, the rest would be just finding the piece of jewelry that will complement the beauty of the gem. You may want a custom pendant with purple gems or a ring for your loose rubies.

By buying gems wholesale, you have total control over the setting of your jewelry. Oftentimes, you will find a great bargain on these loose gemstones since the expenses that come in the production are considerably lower compared to the mounted jewelry.

The color of the loose gemstone can vary depending on the piece of gem. Some gemstones have been enhanced to magnify their color. Different color treatment includes laser treatment, coating, surface treatment, resins infusion and the use of oil, dye or heat.

In terms of clarity, this can be graded based on the flaws that your eyes can see and the inclusions that can only be seen when magnified.

Few inclusions on your loose rubies mean that it is a premium product and have a higher price. The cut refers to the facets of the loose stone; it provides the edge and the depth of the gemstone.

Carat, on the other hand, is the weight of the gem. Some gemstones have a different density which may affect their carat. Be sure to educate yourself in these 4Cs before you start buying gems wholesale.

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