Using Custom Paint Can Labels And Stickers

It’s always a good idea to leave a can of paint behind for your customers once you’ve finished a job. They can use it to touch up your work as needed or use it to order more. Crafty customers might even use it to paint accents on furniture or household accessories in the room you worked on.

Paint cans for touch-ups are used for a variety of purposes however, very few professional painters are aware of them to gain marketing. When you need every opportunity to get your name and logo out there, custom paint can labels & stickers are a logical spot. 

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The Benefits of Labelling Your Paint

If you've done a decent job, homeowners will not need to faff with the can of paint to touch up for long. They'll keep it in the garage or in the basement until they require it. When they do, they may not remember who completed the original painting. But putting your contact details and name on the paint will make sure that it sticks in their memory.

You might even receive a phone call asking you to come out and perform the touch-ups yourself. Labeling paint cans gives former customers information that they can use to contact you regarding questions regarding the paint, which includes storage or disposal of the paint and where to purchase more paint for different uses.

If the client decides to clean their basement or garage and give the paint away to a thrift or charity store the next person who comes across the paint can notice your advertisement. So the custom-designed label placed on the paint could also function as an advertising card.

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