Various Types Of Commissary Kitchens In Austin

Shared Commercial Kitchen

Shared commissary kitchens are the most common type of commissary kitchens. They usually include cooking equipment that are already installed, and many also give limited access to the storage areas. 

Since these spaces are shared by several tenants and assuming you are working less than 20 hours a week, the rent can be lower than other options because you usually only pay for the time you use.  You can also look for the best commissary kitchen in Austin via

Low entry fees create competition and can make it difficult to find a shared kitchen in your favored time interval. A shared kitchen is the best option for businesses that prepare smaller portions of food for a smaller audience.

Private Commercial Kitchen

As the name suggests, private commissary kitchens are leased exclusively by the company for a period of one month, one year, or more. 

You have full access to space as well as onsite storage and accessory options. That privacy comes with a commitment to a regular monthly rent, depending on your hours worked.

This exclusive kitchen is best suited for people who want to sell to larger stores and other shoppers and/or need a gluten-free or allergenic, kosher, organic, or other certificate and need to install more specialized equipment and/or need to be in the kitchen for a long time.

Renting A Restaurant’s Kitchen

Some food companies are looking for kitchens for existing restaurants to rent outside of restaurant business hours. 

The challenge is that the approval requirements for the production of food from restaurant kitchens often make this impossible for most food producers, who usually produce on a large scale and must meet higher standards of quality and safety.

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