What Are Commercial Drainage Services?

Commercial drainage is the process of removing water and debris from a surface or floor in a commercial setting. Commercial drainage can be used to prevent flooding and protect property, health, and safety.

Types of Commercial Drainages

Commercial drainage is a system that helps remove water and debris from business premises. There are several types of commercial drainage services, each with its unique benefits. Here's a rundown of the most popular types:

Pipe Systems: Pipe systems are the most common type of commercial drainage system. They consist of a network of pipes that carry water and debris down to a storm sewer or wastewater treatment plant. One major advantage of pipe systems is that they're easy to install and maintain.

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Drainage ditches: Drainage ditches are similar to pipe systems, but they're smaller in size. They're best suited for properties with limited space.

Swale Systems: Swale systems are similar to pipe systems, but they involve a series of small ditches that converge into a larger one. This design allows water and debris to flow slowly through the system, preventing hillocks from forming.

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR): ASR systems use underground wells to store rainwater runoff from roofs and parking lots. Once the runoff accumulates enough water, it's sent through an underground pipeline to a tanker truck or treatment plant. ASR systems are typically more expensive than other types of commercial drainage solutions.

You can even search online for more information about commercial drainage services.

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