What Are The Key Differences Between Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy?

Two types of rehabilitation care are occupational therapy and physical therapy. Rehabilitative care aims to improve your quality of life or prevent you from getting worse due to injury, surgery or illness.

There are many similarities between occupational therapy and physical therapy. However, there are key differences.if you want to know more about physical therapy then browse to cbayaquapt.com/physical-therapy-in-lutherville/.

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What are the main differences?

Physical therapy (also known as PT) focuses on improving your mobility and function. This may be done by using various exercises, stretches or other activities. A person who has had hip replacement surgery might visit a physical therapist to help with their recovery.

A physical therapist will work closely with the patient to strengthen the knee and improve the range of motion in the knee joint. This will allow them to move with greater ease and less discomfort.

Occupational therapy (also known as OT) focuses on making daily tasks easier. This therapy improves your fine and gross motor skills to help you do specific daily tasks. An occupational therapist will also help you make your school or home more conducive to your daily life.

An occupational therapist might help someone who has suffered a stroke to re-learn daily tasks like dressing and eating with utensils. You may be able to make home modifications, such as installing a grab bar for the bathroom.

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