What Is Democratic Alliance In South Africa?

South Africa is a parliamentary democratic republic in which the parliamentary elected President of South Africa is the head of government, and the system is multi-party. Consists of three branches.

The executive consists of the President of South Africa and the Cabinet of South Africa. The President is elected by the South African Parliament for a five-year term. The president can only serve for two terms. By convention, this position is occupied by the leader of the largest party in the National Assembly. You can check out this source: Foundation For Peace in South Africa for democratic alliance.

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The president appoints other cabinet members, called ministers. The ministers oversee the executive. The Cabinet forms and implements policies, and most legislative proposals come from the Cabinet. 

The President and members of the Cabinet report to the National Assembly. He has the power to remove him from office through a vote of no confidence and the right to hold him accountable through oral and written answers to questions from MPs.

The legislature consists of the DPR. Parliament is bicameral: the upper house is the National Provincial Council (NCOP) and the lower house is the National Assembly. In practice, the National Assembly is a much more powerful chamber. He controls the composition of the management, and their approval is required for most proposed laws to become law. 

The National Provincial Council provides uniform presentation to the nine provinces of South Africa and its approval is required for laws affecting South African provinces and cultural communities. While the National Assembly is elected by proportional party representatives, the NCOP is elected by the respective provincial legislatures.

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