What Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning?

Hydro jet drain cleaning is a type of drain cleaning that uses a powerful water jet to clear clogged drains. Hydro jet drain cleaning is a highly effective technique for clearing clogs from drains that are difficult or impossible to access with traditional drain cleaning tools. 

The use of hydro jet drain cleaning is very popular in commercial, industrial, and municipal settings where access to drains and other pipes that are difficult or impossible to reach can be a major challenge. If you need help getting rid of a clog on your pipe, visit https://thepipedr.com/services/hydro-jetting/.

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The basic principle behind all hydro jet drain cleaning, even the so-called “hydrophobic” cleaners (those that have no water jets), is the high-speed spinning action of a rotating propeller that agitates particles and other material in the drain causing it to be propelled out into the air stream. 

The difference between this type of drain cleaner and standard upjet cleaners is that these specialized cleaners use more powerful water jets in order to dislodge the larger debris particles, hair, and other material that is stuck in the drain. 

For this reason, we do not recommend using any type of hydro jet drain cleaner on drains that are less than 4” round or those with a lot of debris buildup. The use of these powerful jets is not recommended for drains that contain objects like nuts and bolts and other metal parts.

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