What is VoIP Penetration Testing?

Although voice and data have been combined, hackers now have new ways to hack into computer systems. Security risks have increased due to the integration of voice with data. This requires new ways to protect data. VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) can be used to manage your business or open up a wide window into your system.

VoIP penetration testing via engagecybersecurity.com/penetration.html is used to identify the open windows in the system and close them. To determine if the system can be breached, rigorous testing is performed on the transmission technology. 

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Companies make the common mistake of believing that the IP phones and associated software are secure enough and do not require additional security features.

How can the VoIP system be compromised? There are many ways to compromise VoIP systems, but one is the same as the telephone itself: eavesdropping. Inadequate security measures can lead to hackers accessing server data via transmission technology, attackers stealing calls, service interruptions, and the use of sniffing tools.

Manipulation is the Goal

VoIP penetration testing is the process of attempting to manipulate VoIP systems. The VoIP infrastructure is accessed through all possible entry points to the WAN or LAN. Security experts attempt to hack into both the VoIP system as well as the computer system.

Ethical hackers can attempt to penetrate the computer system by using penetration testing.

* Remote access to data networks using VoIP technology

* Check for system configuration flaws that could allow unauthorized access to the system

* Each network layer has test protection controls

* Remote IP Phone Locations Tested

* Remote access to the VoIP system allows you to test your ability to add an IP address

* Enter the main server

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