What Rodent Control Techniques Are Environmentally Friendly in Melbourne?

Rodent control is important to preventing larger issues of infestation and breeding in your home. There are a variety of methods of ensuring rodent issues are controlled, however, most of them involve toxic chemicals to kill rodents. We will consider the pros and cons of environmentally friendly alternatives as well as the cost implications.

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Environmentally friendly rodent control means methods that won’t harm the natural flora or fauna. This is important in Melbourne because of all of the native animals that can eat rodents which would die as a result of the poisonous control methods. Environmentally friendly options also ensure that people don’t accidentally come into contact with the poisons in the home. The benefits of these methods include lower risk of harm to family and pets and involve preventing an infestation in the first place. The drawbacks are that they allow for rodents to increase in numbers which can also impact natural flora and fauna. Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that they are more effective than chemical-based commercial ones.

The cost of environmentally friendly rodent control methods is initially higher than mass-produced toxic equivalents due to their higher production costs. DIY rodent control will set you back anywhere from $22 to $400, however, professional rodent control services are charging about $200 to $300 for the average family home.

Environmentally friendly methods, although beneficial to family, pets and the environment, are not conclusively shown to be more effective than their chemical-based equivalents. The cost of pest control can range from $22 to $400, including both do-it-yourself and professional methodologies.



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