Why Is Plastic Packaging Used For Seafood Products?

Plastic packaging was introduced to the market due to the rising popularity of seafood from seafood exporters. Plastic packaging can also help keep seafood fresher for longer periods of time, according to research.

Plastic packaging has a high level of airtightness which reduces oxygen contact with seafood products. To find out the best plastic material suppliers, you can visit https://www.rawtechtrade.com.

Below are some reasons fish processing companies use plastic packaging:

  • Plastic packaging protects seafood from bacteria and other contaminants.

  • Many seafood exporters from Sri Lanka claim that plastic packaging is used for protecting seafood against bacteria and other contaminants.

  • Plastic packaging is highly gas-resistant, which prevents air from entering it. This prevents oxygen from oxidizing fish flesh. 

  • It also forms an impermeable barrier around seafood, protecting it from water vapor intrusion and moisture loss due to its low oxygen transmission (OTR).

There are many types of plastics on the market that have different properties and can be used by food processors. Plastic pouches are made up of layers of polyamide, polyester, and LDPE. This provides excellent protection against chemicals and microbial growth in fish fillets. This allows seafood to be kept at room temperature without deterioration.

Plastic pouches are great for packaging seafood because they are light, portable, and easy to transport. This helps reduce shipping costs. These types of packaging materials can be customized to any size or shape by companies. 

This reduces the amount of waste produced and dumped in landfills by using plastic that can be recycled. This helps reduce pollution and emissions that would otherwise be released to the environment if more plastic was produced to replace old products. 

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