Why You Need To Recycle Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal recycling is the process of recovering scrap metal from various sources and reprocessing the metal into usable materials. You can help save our environment by taking a few steps to recycle your scrap metal.

There are many reasons to recycle metal. Scrap and metal recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces pollution.

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Recycling metal conserves natural resources because it takes less energy and water to recycle metal than it does to mine and process new metal. For example, recycling one ton of aluminum saves 14,000 gallons of water and enough electricity to power a home for 10 days.

Metal recycling also saves energy. For example, recycling one ton of aluminum saves the equivalent of 36 barrels of oil. That is enough oil to power three homes for a year! In addition, recycling one ton of steel saves 1,100 pounds of coal. That is enough coal to heat a home for nine months!

Reducing the pollution associated with mining and processing new metal is another benefit of recycling metal. For example, mining and processing one ton of aluminum generates nearly 17 tons of waste! Recycling one ton of aluminum reduces that waste by 95%. Many homeowners neglect to think about recycling metals and instead think this is something that’s reserved for large corporations. However, household items and appliances that are made from metal are great examples of items that can be recycled.

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